Everyone dies. Conception brings life into this earthly existence. Because we are born sinners, our end is already fixed- the wages of sin is death (Rom. 6:23). Yet for the believer, death is the “birth” that takes us into the heavenly existence. Life after death is a reality. The Bible says so. Jesus promised that because He lives (after his death),  we will too who know Him. Which brings up the question: what exactly is the resurrection life mean  for the one who knows Christ?

1- It is the hope that we will literally be in heaven with Christ after we die. (John 14; II Cor. 4-5). Paul said it is a better thing to be with Christ than to “truck on” here. That tells us the resurrection life of the future far surpasses the earthly life of the present (Phil. 1:23).
2- It is the promise of a perfect body with no sickness, sin, or sorrowful experiences to plague its existence. Paul speaks of the transformed bodies we will have after our resurrection (I Cor. 15:35-44). These bodies will never be subject to decay or degeneration (I Cor. 15:53-57). In some way, we will be like Jesus (I John 3:2). Literally, we will never face death (physical) again (John 11:25-26).
3- It is the taste of the future life now by being in Christ. Paul said though he was crucified with Christ, he lives. And the life he lives down here is a new life, a different life, a life that will never really end (Gal. 2:20).
The Resurrection of Jesus Christ opened a door of hope for those who believe that can never be closed! Hey, whatever way the path turns we win! Think it thru


“Does the Truth Really Matter anymore?


It is that time of year when we are hearing from a lot of presidential hopefuls. I was struck once again at how irrelevant “the truth” seems to be. One candidate when asked about one of her past responsibilities that hinged on what was true answered in these words: “What does it matter?”   We are told to get over it, let it go, stop pushing. Truth used to matter. In days gone by truth was the touchstone by which we were willing to weigh all our actions and decisions. What has happened to us that we can so easily set aside the truth?  I saw a cartoon recently of a little girl with tongue in cheek saying to her parents – “so you want me to tell the truth??? What about the tooth fairy, and the Easter Bunny, and Santa Clause?” Uh, Oh!” She made a very good point to her parents!

Somewhere along the line we diminished the truth ever so slightly and then it became easier to move on to much bigger things.  Now it seems that truth can be set aside casually if the occasion demands and the lie forwards my plans and ambitions. Truth becomes expendable. Political expediency becomes the touchstone for weighing our actions and decisions.

Of course the question then must come to us, so…is it all that important?  What does it really hurt? If goals are accomplished and we are all better off {?} what’s the big deal.

In some matters it may not seem to make that big a difference. But what about when you go to the doctor and he says to you that you are fine after the exam [and yet he knows you are not because he felt a lump or saw something disconcerting on your blood test]. Perhaps he meant well and did not want to upset you.   Perhaps he just thought with time that condition would go away and you would be alright. Really?  You want a doctor who thinks truth is not all that critical? You want a leader who thinks truth does not matter?

It becomes even more sobering when we think of the stakes surrounding life and death, time and eternity.  Some tell us all God wants is for you to do your best. YET…the truth is that unless you come to Christ for salvation, you will die in your sins and live eternally separated from God in hell [Romans 6:23; John 5:24].  All of the sudden, TRUTH REALLY DOES MATTER!  You see if you allow yourself to be conditioned to the notion that truth does not matter, then when the really big issues of life loom, you will be in DEEP TROUBLE.

Granted…sometimes truth is hard to get at, but Jesus put it simply to us in John 14:6 – I AM the way, the truth and the life. Jesus said that knowing him  was embracing the truth and that would free us from that which would destroy us [ John 8:32]. Jesus affirmed that the Bible, God’s Word, is TRUTH [John 17:17]. We do have a touchstone of truth and we had better heed it in the day where truth does not seem to matter anymore. THINK IT THRU…