biblical mentorship

In our MAN -2-MAN  Bible Study Breakfasts we are learning as a group of men how important it is to “hang out” with a Bible character for a period of time. The idea is to allow that man or group of men to “mentor” us in life.  Most of the mentoring concepts today involve choosing a man or woman we know or highly respect to help advise us on our life journey.  There is nothing wrong with this whole approach. In fact I think it is practical, Biblical, and valuable. And yet, perhaps,  we have missed tapping into the best mentors the world has ever seen.

What if you could spend a week with JOB in the Old Testament and seek his advice on trials and difficulties. What if you could listen to his responses and watch his reactions and hear him pray and interact with his wife and friends? You would go with him to the funeral home, sit by his bedside when he was sick. You would peek in on a meeting at his business and hear of his financial losses. You would see him discouraged and tired. You would witness God interact with him. WOW! I know I would never forget that experience and probably would want to share that time with my friends who find themselves in similar life trials.

Or suppose you could hang out for a few weeks with King David?  You would watch in sympathy as he is hounded, pressured, and threatened by a former friend. You would hear his cries of despair, loneliness, fatigue, and triumph as he lives life and goes to work.  You would see him “blow it” on several occasions by committing adultery and murder by failing his family and children. You would then see that same family go astray and betray him. How does a man survive that kind of failure? How do you go on? Is there any hope for you? You would then observe a man’s heart  express a deep  love for the Lord and see God forgive him and restore him to usefulness. You would read some  of the most incredible stuff ever penned by man under the direction of God’s Spirit. Imagine hanging out with him for a time. Your life would be indelibly marked.

Or just imagine spending an afternoon with Samuel, or a month with Moses or Joshua, or several days with Nehemiah, Jeremiah, Isaiah and the list goes on?

Best of all, how about spending three months with Jesus in the flesh!!

Don’t forget joining a group of men for a week like the 12 disciples who lived with Jesus for three years, or the 12 spies sent into the promised land to spy it out,  or David’s mighty men who trekked with him for several years in the wilderness.

The good news is this. You can hang out with these guys (Ladies there are mentors for you to hang out with too like Ruth, Esther, Hannah, etc.). Some Biblical people that were “train wrecks” may be good for us to hang out  with too,  so we do not walk their path…people  like  Lot, Pharaoh, Korah and his clan, Queen Jezebel, King Ahab, King Jeroboam, Judas, etc).

Wayne Cordeiro in his great little book “The Divine Mentor” made this astute observation:“There is only one book in which you can meet with all the mentors specially selected by God to teach the saints. Only the Bible’s men and women are His designated divine mentors. He has put His imprimatur on them alone.”

I want to challenge you to pick a Bible mentor, let’s say for a month, and “hang out” with that guy or gal. Learn all you can about him/her.  Put yourself in their shoes, listen to their words, watch their actions and note how they related to their Creator God.  And see if your life is not hugely impacted.  May I suggest to you that is real, lasting  mentorship.  Think it Thru









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