Foundations are pretty important components. When my wife and I were looking for a house several years ago we were shown a possibility that had most of the features we needed for our family. All was well until we went down into the basement. There is nothing more disheartening than to walk down into a basement of a house you are starting to get excited about only to discover, as we did, that the walls were bowing in. That one got crossed off of our list in a hurry. The same thing can happen to us at Christmas time. We can develop cultural cracks, spiritual cracks and even personal cracks in our Christmas foundation. We can buy into the cultural preoccupation with what I want and what I can get; with what I must do and what I want to do. We can forget to give out the good news or take in the “Good Word” of God because we have too much on our plate preparing for “Christmas Celebrations.”

What foundational components should we make sure our children and family understand as we celebrate Christmas together…components that will prevent cracks in our Christmas foundation?

The first component is this: Jesus birth was the invasion of none other than God himself stepping into our world. This person was God in the flesh, come here to live among us, love us up close, give himself up for our trouble and our sin, and then promise to redeem us on the strength of grace alone by faith alone  through Christ alone [John 1:11-14].

The second component is this: Jesus birth was “one-of-a-kind.” He was virgin-born, accomplished by power of the Holy Spirit. His  was a miraculous birth as well. Since all of this this is true, Jesus Christ qualifies as the sinless, perfect Savior for sinners. He never sinned because he never possessed a sinful human nature. There is a perfect substitute for us that God accepts on our behalf [Matthew 2; Luke 2]

The third component is this: Jesus was born to die. His birth was purposed in redemption. He did not come to make a place in history but to change the destiny of sinners. The cross was at the heart of the manger. In Jesus death I find real life. Jesus said in John that the shepherd gives up his life for the sheep. Christmas-gifting was never seen on such a grand scale as that.

See any foundational cracks in your Christmas celebration? If so may I encourage you to get the mortar out and seal up the cracks so that your family continues to have a good foundation. Think it thru