Do We Know Difficult?

difficult 2He endured a difficult life and a difficult calling for 120 years. Listen to Clay Werner’s added assessment of Moses’ life & ministry [from his book On the Brink]:
Moses…regularly felt the piercing and deep knife thrusts of betrayal. Aaron came up with the lame excuse that the golden calf magically appeared on its own [Ex. 32:2,24], and later he teamed up with Miriam, out of severe envy, and sought to depose Moses [Num 12:1-9]. Two hundred and fifty men joined hands with Korah and viciously opposed Moses because they thought he was an arrogant son-of-a-gun, and afterward some of Moses’ most crucial leading men abandoned him [Num. 16]. And that was just the tip of the iceberg!”
Let’s add to that the following: There was the criticism of his wife by his most trusted family members. Then there was the constant complaining of his congregation. And don’t forget the daily administrative duties of coming up with a “budget” to feed the crowd and provide sacrifices for all of Israel. Had enough yet? Don’t forget the constant political and military threat and opposition from outsiders. Wow!! After thinking about Moses life, I guess I don’t know difficult!
What really intrigues me about this whole thing is that troublesome little verse about Moses’ & his ministry in Hebrews 11:27 “By faith he left Egypt, not being afraid of the anger of the king, FOR HE ENDURED as seeing him who is invisible. He endured. Werner calls Moses’ experience not just overwhelmingly difficult, but “outrageously difficult.” He states that Moses’ experience was “heart crushing, soul depleting, mind numbing, strength sapping, frustrating, and exhausting.” Frankly, I would have given up. How about you? Maybe you are stronger than me. I am still trying to learn about that thing of seeing Him who is invisible. What did Moses see that I often miss? Yet, Moses endured! He made it. He pastored, led, prayed, waited, wept, & suffered and yet…thru it all he kept seeing the God who is invisible and thus he endured. Something William Lane said in his little book entitled, ‘Hebrews:  A Call to Commitment’  helps us understand how you endure like Moses did . This is what he said: “It is this capacity of faith that allows Christians to maintain a firm grasp upon truth which cannot be demonstrated, and to display quietness in the presence of hostility, in the knowledge that the blessings for which they hope are guaranteed by the promise of God.” Guaranteed Promises…by God! Now that is food for endurance. Think it Thru