ImageMary’s response to Elizabeth’s insight about her pregnancy has long intrigued me. I believe there is more here than meets the eye. For a young woman song writer Mary shows great maturity beyond her years. Of course we know what was recorded in Luke 1 was inspired by the Holy Spirit Himself. She sees the birth of Christ as Divine Intentional Intervention not only in her life but in the world at large. Did you ever notice her catalogue of God’s intervening actions as she saw it? Let me bullet point them for you:

* He has looked on the humble estate of his servant

* He has done great things for me

* He has shown strength with his arm

* He has brought down the mighty from their thrones

* He has filled the hungry with good things

* He has sent the rich empty away

* He has helped his servant Israel

Mary saw God’s powerful intervention as one of salvation and provision. She was conscious of her lack of power, influence, and resources, yet she saw what God was doing in sending Christ as transcending all that the mighty, the rich, and those on the thrones of power could do even with everything they had.  In comparison they were weak, ineffective, and powerless to change what really needed changed. She speaks of God’s mercy and His holy name as those things that matter most. She starts her song of overwhelming worship with the simple response of magnifying the Lord and rejoicing in God her Savior. When we think of all that was happening by the entrance of Christ into this world, we are meant to be moved by the sheer force of God’s intentions for His son and for the mercy that was offered to sinners.  Can we stand by Mary with our spiritual magnifying glass and pull these truths up close?  The response of my heart ought to be nothing less than outstanding joy!  Rescued by such divine intentional intervention…sinners brought close! Think it thru