The absence of a fence seems to suggest the presence of greater freedom.  Think about this principle across the board. If there is a mean dog in your neighborhood,  your children need the diminished freedom that a fence brings for it protects them from harm. Taking down a fence can give us an immediate sense of freedom and adventure. But the removal of that fence can prove disastrous to us in the long run.  Take the matter of pornography. Daniel Henderson in his book Think Before You Look tells us that “If we removed the fences and just looked at the open pasture, we would find that the grass is greener where it is most watered. Pornography is the act of watering the wrong grass. It leads us away from the regular commitment to water the vital life-giving resources of our walk with God…” We are so easily deceived.

James Pomerantz in a scientific article entitled “The Grass is always Greener”   proves this point by telling us that optical and perceptual laws alone will make the grass at a distance look greener to the human eye than the blades of grass perpendicular to the ground. And this propensity of ours to think the grass is greener somewhere else rather than where we are not only applies to pornography, but also economics.  We look at what others have and think their lot is “greener” than ours. Discontent sets in and we take down the fences.

Remember what Paul teaches us in Gal. 5:9 “…a little yeast spreads quickly through the whole batch of dough.” All the more reason to put up fences around my heart and mind.   Proverbs 25:28 speaks about the necessity of fences: “A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls.”  Have you taken down any fences lately? Have you toyed with the idea that the grass  is greener on the other side of the fence? IT IS NOT! PUT THE FENCE BACK UP! NOW! Think it thru