fear of God

Subtly and gradually we have eroded away the concept of real facts.  We have come to accept only whatever one thinks is or ought to be real…whether it matches up with  the real facts or not. Absolutes are ruled out in favor of what the majority deems right. Richard Mayhue in his book “Practicing Proverbs” wisely points out that “Sin is paraded around as nothing more than ‘sickness’; drug consumption is spoken of as ‘recreation’; the traditional family is considered to be an outdated, endangered species;…Immorality is heralded as ‘sexual freedom’; Homosexuality is defined as an ‘alternative lifestyle’; Pornography is projected as ‘freedom of speech’; Abortion is sugar-coated by calling it ‘post-conception birth control’.”  In all of our thinking and forming of our cultural worldview we have consistently left out the key component for deciding life’s direction and foundation. We have operated under the umbrella of political correctness, fearful that we may offend someone if we hold the truth or proclaim it. Here is the missing component: The fear of God.  The fear of the Lord is that practice that leads us to living right because it imparts a divine wisdom to all we perceive and do.  Take for instance Proverbs 15:16 “Better is little with the fear of the Lord than great treasure and trouble with it.”  Listen to the words of one man’s journey. “I had a form of prosperity,  but without the fear of the Lord. Let me tell you, I would never want to regain that prosperity with its accompanying trouble, only to lose what I now have in Jesus Christ.”  It is no wonder that we live in perpetual anxiety about tomorrow, about what the government will decide, about whether I will have a job tomorrow.  It is no wonder that we struggle with determining what is right and what is wrong. What is missing?  The fear of God.  So, let me ask you…do you really fear God? Are you looking to His word for your guidance, for what decisions you will make? Are you believing what God’s word says as THE TRUTH about all the concerns and conditions of this life? Only God can tell us what is right. Only God has the right to define our morals, our manners, and our money use. Think it thru