mail letters

I know these days it is a bit old fashioned to go to the mail box and enjoy getting a “hard-copy” letter.  But isn’t there something more personal and enjoyable about reading a hand written letter or note? Reading that note tells me someone did not sit at a computer or I-phone and compose a “quickie”  to get me taken care of as a matter of conscience, etc. Now before you label me totally as a retro guy pining for the old days…I use all that stuff with gratitude.  It does save time. It is convenient. But  once in a while I am compelled to pull out the old ball point pen and write a note. I just want it to be personal. 

Here’s the point. Sometimes our technology can take the “personal” out of the letter. I am afraid that can happen with the “letters” of Scripture. There is something about actually picking up the Bible rather than the computer, i-phone, or the i-pad that makes it personal.   I think of Paul’s little confession at the end of his letter to the Galatians where he says: “See with what large letters I am writing to you with my own hand…”[ 6:11].   I need these Biblical “letters” to have the force of personal correspondence. So the next time you reach for your iphone or ipad to have devotions…just for a change of pace, pick up a hard copy of the Bible and let it get a little more personal. Think it thru