Just-tell-the-truth-600x448     I have been challenged lately by a book I am reading entitled: Tell the Truth by Will Metzger. It is a book about communicating truthfully and lovingly the Gospel.  It is a much needed call to the church regarding the practice of Biblical evangelism.  He observes [rightfully so I believe]  that a major shift continues to undermine absolute truth. He says: “Our culture has influenced Christians to look to their inner self and find their identity through self-actualization. Be true to your self-generated feelings, opinions, thoughts. Find  out what feels right for you and live by these “truths.” This is how many nominal Christians, and also a growing number who wear an evangelical nametag, live.” If this is becoming the accepted approach, it is no wonder that unbelievers find nothing of substance in our “Gospel.”

Somehow we have allowed ourselves to become intimidated into softening the truth of the Gospel.  This Gospel  declares that we are undone, helpless sinners and  that no amount of self-healing, introspection, or positive ouitlook can change hearts that are corrupt from birth.  The fact is that a commitment to Christ  “…is not a mere prayer and that’s it. Rather it is a CONVERSION in the true sense of the word; our whole lives are changed. Paul says we become new creations.” This truth must be lovingly yet firmly communicated, even if it repells some of our friends and family.  We have been counselled not to be negative, and not to bring sin up in our conversations.  But that is not telling the truth.  We can be loving and still tell the truth.  We are “message planters” and God does the saving.  Let’s ask God to help us lovingly tell the truth of the Gospel so sinners understand their plight and come to Christ for salvation from their sins. THINK IT THRU